Last Update
In the late 1990's I caught genealogy fever, eventually populating my copy of Family Treemaker with 2,300 names. I reached dead ends, then paid a researcher to help (Glenys Rasmussen). She eventually dead-ended too, so I have left this hobby dormant since 2000.

Of my father's six ethnic strains, the Portuguese and Japanese came to Hawai'i to work on the sugar plantations; the German/Scot came by way of Nova Scotia New Bedford and a whaling ship; the Chinese came as a cabin boy. All the preceding lines came between 1883 and 1896. The Native Hawaiian's family had been there for 1,000 years. My mother's English, Scottish, and French-Canadien ancestors came to the New World in the 1600s. Her German ancestors came in three waves: the 1760s, 1848, and 1871. I've traced Mom's ancestors back from the Northwest to Wisconsin, Kansas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. She's a member of the DAR, and one of her great-grandfathers was a Union soldier in Sherman's march to the sea, but there are no people of historical note to whom I am knowingly related.

My last (4/27/00) update, sent to family:

I began spending time in the winter and spring of 1997 organizing those little scraps of paper I've been collecting for several years, asking relatives for similar scraps, and putting them into Family Tree Maker. I've over 2,300 names now. My goals are to identify all second and third cousins, and to trace all lines out of North America, or to my 5th great grandparents, whichever came more recently. With my 5th great grandparents in North America, I am tracing all the way out the half-dozen patrilineal ancestries of my great-great grandparents: Drew (Devonshire, ENG), Martel (Paris, FRA), Searles (Essex, ENG), Dalton (Oxford, ENG), Robb (Scotland), and Hicks (Cumberland, ENG). I'm not there yet, but am pretty close with the ancestors: the Drew and Searle connections to Wisconsin from New England are not the best. My most recently immigrant ancestor came from near Canton, China in 1896. Lum, Rodrigues, Saiki, and Schneider were out of North America prior to 1870. I have traced a Portuguese line (Gomes SerrĂ£o) back to ~1600 in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal. Holopina'i was Native Hawai'ian. The Forbes/Longills/Langilles, though probably arriving in Nova Scotia in 1752, were not South Shore Langilles, and I'm missing a couple of generations between there and 1823. Fun footnote: great grandpa Saiki's house (sold by the family when he died in '67) is now Maureen's Bed & Breakfast

In 1850 Wisconsin I've got scions of Drew (b. Ft. Snelling, MN in 1820 - from Devonshire to NH by 1640 [via Barnstead, NH?]), Martell (b. Yamaska, Quebec, Canada, 1827 - from Honore Martel of Paris, arrived Quebec June 1665), Searle (b. VT 1822 - from William Searle of Ipswich, England. b. 1612, in MA by 1663), and Dalton (b. NY 1830 - from Thomas Dalton, b. 1732 in Pembrey, Carmarthan, Wales). The Robbs (from Aberdeen, Scotland to VA ~1760) were in York Co., and Cross Creek Twp., Washington Co., PA by 1790. The Hicks are from Thomas Hicks, b. 1659 in Whitehaven, Cumberland, England; in Dorchester Co., MD by 1679. They moved on to Ohio by 1803. The Lampes came from Germany in 1849. Please e-mail me if you think we might be related.

My first relative in the US Pacific Northwest was Esther (Searle) Benson. She was first wife of Simon Benson. They came out from Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, in 1879. Esther's sister and brother-in-law, Lorette Searle and David Drew (my great-grandparents) followed the Bensons west in 1881. Esther died of tuberculosis in 1891, before Simon got rich as a timber baron and became a Big Man in Portland from 1910 (The Benson Hotel, Benson Tech, Benson Bubblers, Benson State Park, etc). My grandfather Henry Neal Drew was born in Chehalis in 1893. His wife, my grandmother Esther May Robb, came from Canton, Kansas, with her parents and siblings in the summer of 1920 to Vancouver, WA, where Mom (Susan Marie Drew) was born in 1934. Dad (Henry Thomas Lum, Jr. b. 1935) arrived in Oregon from Hilo Hawai'i in 1956 to attend Reed College.

These three files are in RTF format, which any word processor should also be able to read. Lum is my father's lineage, Drew my maternal grandfather's, and Robb my maternal grandmother's.