Channekeshava (Hoysala) Temple at Belur, Karnataka (150 KB)
Our first evening back in the U.S. - Carol at Waikiki (128 KB)
Golden Buddha in Bangkok (105 KB)
Fresco of the Ramayana at the Grand Palace in Bangkok (163 KB)
Waikiki & Diamond Head (postcard - Honolulu) (130 KB)
Wall Carvings, Halebid (postcard - India) (185 KB)
Lum family (Taoist) temple (207 KB)
Gopuram at the Meenakshi shine in Madurai, Tamil Nadu (205 KB)
Temple of the Emerald Buddha (postcard - Thailand) (115 KB)

11/3/97 3:55 PM 90 degrees, T-Storm. Kochi, India
[photo: wall carvings, Halebid]
Dear Mom,

This is from our favorite India site so far - a 12th C. temple. The whole temple is covered in friezes like this in breathtaking detail & finish. Travel here so far has been surprisingly easy, and the food the best yet!

Love, Tom & Carol

11/24/97 6 AM Bangkok airport 80+ degrees hazy
[photo: Temple of the Emerald Buddha - Wat Phra, Bangkok]

Dear Mom,
A quick note on my way to the plane... this will complete your country/postcard collection. Bangkok is nice& easy. This Wat was beautiful and clean, and Thais are v. friendly.

Love, Tom & Carol

12/3/97 10:45 AM Waikiki, Hawai'i 70 degrees, some sun, much wind
[photo: Waikiki]

Aloha, Mom!
Yet another postcard for your collection. This [our hotel] was more money than we wanted to spend, but we were too tired to hunt. Gotta say, Waikiki is pretty nice for such a heavily touristed place. We swam this A.M. in the Pacific [at Hanauma Bay]; tomorrow A.M. we freeze in Boston. Brrr! But we've sure had our fun!

Love, Tom & Carol