18 elephants at a watering hole - Hwange Nat'l Park (116 KB)
over 100 buffalo at a watering hole - Hwange Nat'l Park (174 KB)
Baboon, watching - Zambezi Nat'l Park (128 KB)
Baboon & child, crossing the road - Zambezi Nat'l Park (175 KB)
Cape Buffalo in the brush (297 KB)
Wattled cranes in Botswana (114 KB)
Crocodile on the banks of the Chobe in Bostwana (513 KB)
Wild dogs near Savuti in Botswana (408 KB)
African Fish eagle (200 KB)
Elephant in Kruger Nat'l Park (213 KB)
Elephant mad at boater getting too close: Chobe River (69 KB)
Yellow hornbills & a francolin (179 KB)
Giraffe in Kruger Nat'l Park (109 KB)
Our guides for our makoro trip in the Okavango Delta (500 KB)
Guinea fowl (239 KB)
Hippos in the Chobe River (369 KB)
Impala, watching in Moremi Nat'l Park (77 KB)
Kudu, watching (186 KB)
Lion eating the insides of a zebra in Hwange Nat'l Park (443 KB)
Lion walking past the car near Savuti (220 KB)
dwarf mongoose - Hwange Nat'l Park (114 KB)
Rhinos at Kyle Nat'l Park (177 KB)
Rhino in Kyle Nat'l Park (164 KB)
Warthog checks out our lodge on the Zambezi River (500 KB)
Wildebeast in Moremi Nat'l Park (254 KB)
Zebra grazing in Moremi Mat'l Park (211 KB)

# 3 sent Oct. 24, I think

Dear Mom, friends, & family,

Greetings from India! I'm typing in Bangalore at a PC of our travel agent. Here's a Top Ten list of African highlights, in reverse chronological order:
  • 70 vultures screaming, hissing, and jumping over each other to get to a lion-killed a zebra, crowding aside hyenas and jackals. Our guide then showed us lion prints, the place the zebra was killed and intestines emptied, and the track where the body was dragged under a tree. Chief's island, Moremi Park, Botswana.
  • Three wattled cranes soaring in for a landing 50' from us in Moremi Park
  • An elephant eating from the tree we were camped under at Chobe Park in Botswana
  • Ten elephants climbing into and swimming across the Chobe River in Chobe Park, from 30' away on a riverboat
  • Five lions stalking 4 Cape Buffalo for half and hour - and failing
  • 230 Cape buffalo herding into a watering hole at Hwange Park in Zimbabwe
  • 40 elephants doing the same thing two days earlier
  • A lioness eating a zebra - putting her head & shoulders inside - also in Hwange. We were 20' away (we were in a rolled-up car), and I don't ever want to be closer to a lion in the wild.
  • Our evening in a park lodge at Kyle Park in Zimbabwe - beautiful gardens, a magnificent view of the lake, deafening frogs, and the place almost to ourselves. We sat on a screen porch listening to the night for a long time.
  • Seeing five rhinos - 3 adult, 2 young from 100' away on horseback in Kyle Park
  • The unbelievably bright stars on our night drive in Kruger Park

Our trip here went smoothly. I'll fax a list of hotel addresses & contact points tomorrow. Hope all is well in your corner of the world.


Tom & Carol

PS Please forward this to the mailing list

PPS Happy birthday to Joan on Friday
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . ..