several animal frames (postcard - Botswana) (219 KB)
Cape Buffalo in the brush (297 KB)
Wattled cranes in Botswana (114 KB)
Elephant in Kruger Nat'l Park (213 KB)
Yellow hornbills & a francolin (179 KB)
Giraffe in Kruger Nat'l Park (109 KB)
Our guides for our makoro trip in the Okavango Delta (500 KB)
Impala, watching in Moremi Nat'l Park (77 KB)
Lion eating the insides of a zebra in Hwange Nat'l Park (443 KB)
zebra grazing (postcard - S. Africa) (152 KB)
Zebra grazing in Moremi Mat'l Park (211 KB)
Cape buffalo staring (postcard - Zimbabwe) (147 KB)

# 4 sent Nov. 7, I think

Kruger Nat'l park, S. Afr Sept. 27, 5:42 PM ~80 degrees
[photo: Burchell's zebra]

This is our last night in S. Africa -- Zimbabwe tomorrow. Saw lots of antelope, hippos, crocs, giraffes & elephants &c. Nice to be in nature, not cities for a change. The park is like a U.S. park - we think you'd like it here: good food, lots of wildlife, and most people speak English. I feel a little homesick it is so familiar. But the animals are wonderfully exotic. Baboons and elephants [are especially] fun. (rec'd Oct. 17)

Oct. 8 8:41 AM Zambezi N. P., Zimbabwe 80 degrees, sun
[photo: African buffalo]
Here is your Zim. card. Only 3 more countries to go! We head for Botswana today. Will be sorry to leave Zimbabwe; we could've spent several weeks here. Saw herds of 40 elephants & 230 buffalo head for waterholes, and 6 lions eating from a zebra. We were only 20' from the lions (in our car)! All is well here, hope there too! (rec'd Oct. 17)

Oct. 14, Maun, Botswana 85 degrees (sunny, some clouds)
[8 photos: hippo, mongoose, elephant, lion, cheetah, baboon, canoeing, and sunset]

We're sitting at Riley's hotel in Maun, Botswana, waiting to fly to the Okavango Delta in half an hour. We haven't seen as much wildlife here as in Zimbabwe, but we've seen some new ones (honey badger, wild dog, topi, wattled crane) and camped 4 nights in unfenced camps. Sun. night an elephant ate from the (50'+) tree we camped under while we cowered on the other side... 20' away! Love, Tom & Carol

That's the contents of 3 postcards he wanted me to pass on. Susan Lum