Turkish tombstones (184 KB)
the Blue Mosque (137 KB)
Blue mosque at sunset from the Bosporus (84 KB)
Tutankhamun hunting lions in the desert (postcard - Cairo) (199 KB)
underground city, Cappadocia (252 KB)
cave church in Cappadocia (187 KB)
the Mediterranean - vacation from our travels (202 KB)
Roman ruins of Efes (Ephesus) on the Turkish Aegean (184 KB)
Mosaic from Hagia Sophia (308 KB)
Tiles from Suleyman's mausoleum (266 KB)
Olympos (postcard - Turkey) (182 KB)

Sept. 2, 5 PM Çirali, TUR 85 degrees, sunny
Mailed 9/5, Pamukkale
[photo: Olympos; Antalya]
Dear Mom,
We're in the bottom right picture [the beach at Çirali], enjoying our 3rd full day at the beach. It's got cliffs and uncrowded beaches at least as nice as Oregon - and sunshine and 80 degree water, too! This is a vacation from our travel. We resume tomorrow. The B&B we're at is set amid a garden. Huge marigolds outside the room have their scent wafted past us as we fall asleep.

One highlight of last week was seeing some 13th century frescoes in a church cut from rock.

Love, Tom & Carol

rec'd Oct. 6
[sent Sept. 19]
[artwork: Tutankhamen hunting lions in the desert]

Dear Mom,
Greetings from Cairo! Egypt was tough, but we got the Pyramids at Giza at sunset, w/ the moon & Venus visible - gorgeous!

Egyptian Museum was good too!

Love, Tom & Carol