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# 1 sent Sept. 9, I think

Here's the latest..........

Aug. 9 London
[Postcard Photo: Tower of London]

Dear Mom,

On our way we now are to the airport after a 3 day whirlwind in London. Saw 2 friends, visited the British Museum, the Tower of London and Westminster Abby (I. Newton!! C. Darwin!! Chaucer!!) Saw a great play ("Art"), and a movie (Donnie Brasco); Seurat exhibit at the National Gallery. We're almost over our jet lag. It was in the '80's
here; muggy; no AC. Love Tom & Carol

Athens, Wed. 8/13/97 12:17 AM.
[Postcard Photo: The Acropolis]
It reads:

Dear Mom,
Winding up our stay here. Much more mellow than London -- rest, a couple of museums and the Acropolis, only a couple of buildings on it, but they are grand and evocative of the historical figures who walked there -- Solon, Pericles, Plato, Socrates, Demosthenes and Hadrian.

We've eaten in sidewalk cafes sipping coffee & ouzo each night, and broken fast viewing the Acropolis each morning. Got caught in the rain this afternoon. A welcome change of pace. Love, Tom & Carol

Phone call from Tom Fri. Aug. 29th.....Were driving down the coast of Turkey, from Konya, and the weather was gorgeous. Mid 80's, dry, with a breeze. Saw some Hittite places. Some language difficulties here... but managing. Health good. Lodging costs about what expected.

Susan Lum .....