Married, no kids. My wife, Carol Sibley, is a Public Information Liaison for Hillsboro [Oregon] Public Libraries. Prior to that, she a graphic designer for Beyond Words Publishing. Professionally, she has also done freelance graphic design for the Sea Grant Program of Oregon State University. In December 2002 she completed a second Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design at Portland State University, many years after having gotten her first (in Modern English Literature). Formerly she used a digital nonlinear video editing system (Avid) to produce informational videos (and she had cooler toys than I :-). Her father, the late Charles Sibley, was an ornithologist and evolutionary biologist. My parents and brothers (and three nephews) live in the Northwest. Brother Dave has a site at My other brother Tim is a smoke jumper, and could be anywhere in the NW they don't have roads. Sister Ann (and brother-in-law, nephew, and niece) is in Anchorage; sister Joan (and brother-in-law) is in LA. Mom's family ( her brother and sister, and cousins, cousins, cousins) is from Vancouver, WA USA (suburban Portland Ore.); Dad's is from Hilo, Hawai'i (the windward side of The Big Island) and Kauai.

My cousin Neal Sedell also has a web site.

30th Family Reunion Picnic