Around the World in 120 Days (1997)

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In August 1997, my wife Carol and I started a four month trip around the world. Our itinerary: a month each in Turkey, Southern Africa (South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana), and South India (Mumbai, Karnataka, Kerala, and Tamil Nadu), with linking stops in between at London, Athens, (Turkey,) Cairo, (S. A., S. I.,) Bangkok, and Honolulu. We followed that with a cross-country drive and relocation from Boston to Portland, Oregon. We finally moved into our own home again in April 1998 after a year on the move. Photos from the trip are in the the trip newletters.

v. 1 Preamble to Around-the-World Trip for Tom & Carol7/23/97
v. 2 London, Athens, early Turkey9/9/97
v. 3 Turkey, Cairo (postcards)1/3/98
v. 3.5 Cairo (journal)1/3/98
v. 4 Midpoint in Zimbabwe (letter)10/3/97
v. 5 Southern Africa (postcards)11/7/97
v. 6 Africa highlights, from Bangalore (email)10/24/97
v. 7 India Report, from Honolulu (email)11/29/97
v. 8 India, Bangkok, and Honolulu (postcards)1/3/98
v. 9 Boston; Lawton, OK (postcards)1/3/98
v. 10 Bangkok (journal)1/25/98
v. 11 Hawaii (journal)1/25/98
v. 12 Boston and the Road West (journal)1/26/98
v. 13 Epilogue: Savoring and Reflecting3/5/98
v. 14 Afterward: We moved last weekend4/9/98