Tom Lum Forest: Home

This site is partly a limited demonstration of my technical capabilities, but is mostly a place for me to be seen: a cyber-promenade. Ideally, people who share my interests will find something of interest or value, and perhaps fill out a comment form.

Well, how did I get here? (David Byrne) Born out in the West Texas Town of El Paso, (Marty Robbins) I spent most of my childhood in Lawton, Oklahoma, and high school in suburban Portland Oregon (Hillsboro - Hilhi Class of '76). Having gone to Boston to attend MIT 30 years ago, sometimes I got the urge for going, but I never seemed to go (Tom Rush) -- until 1997, when I went around the world. Now I'm just trying to make a living and doing the best I can (Jackson Browne). My favorite lyric, though, is by Pete Townshend:

"There's a million ways to laugh; everyone's a path."